Monthly Progress Report: Volume 5!

7 Aug

(AKA Both of Us Were on Holiday So We’re a Week Late)

What’s up, lovely people?

The vacation’s in full swing (as is my obsession with Dragon Age), but that doesn’t mean we’ve been twiddling our thumbs. After all, there is no rest for the wicked, is there?

So, without further ado: June’s progress, neatly presented with numbers:

  • 10 new sprites;
  • 14 new BGs;
  • approx. 10,000 words’ worth of writing (adding up to a grand total of 101,719 words).

The bottom line is that all the time we’ve put into The Academy is paying off. And we hope you’ll agree when you see the end result! Until then, enjoy your summer/winter/whatever and stay tuned for the next report.



Monthly Progress Report: Volume 4!

1 Jul

Hello, lovely people!

Yet another month has passed, and things here at MSP seem pretty quiet. Tell you what, though, the lack of activity on the social media front is deceiving. We are working hard, and we have the bullet points to prove it.

  • For starters: art! This month, we have 5 new sprites and 19 new BGs, plus a new choice menu! Not bad, huh?
  • Coding. It’s also being worked on and while there are a few hitches, it’s coming along just fine.
  • Writing. (This is where I get really excited and flap my hands a bit.) Ahem. Do you remember when I promised I would work hard as soon as my school obligations are behind me? Yeah, I did that. As a result, Elements: The Academy is some 17,000 words longer now, which places the overall word count somewhere north of 90 thousand. I’m surprised to have made it this far, and just a tiny bit overwhelmed, but… The only way to go from here is forward!

That said, it would probably be best to put my money where my mouth is and return to work. This thing is not going to write itself, after all, is it?

Lots of love,


Monthly Progress Report: Volume 3!

1 Jun

What’s up, lovelies?

The day has come when I can declare I’m free of high school and exam-related engagements. I will now be able to redeem myself for my lack of work on E:TA in the last months. (And hopefully, to finish this thing already.)

However, in light of mine and Dee’s business this last month, our report for May will be… short. Still, there is one thing worth mentioning: I’m back to writing! I finally managed to write a scene I had omitted, so E:TA is a bit more ready. And working on it feels good.

So, I’ll keep this short and sweet and go back to that huge thing I need to write. You know which one.

See you soon,


Monthly Progress Report: Volume 2!

30 Apr

What’s up, guys? It’s that time of the month again. And by “that time” I mean the time when we brag tell you about what we’ve accomplished during the last 30 days.

So let’s hear it, shall we?


  • There are 8 new sprites, which means there is a total of 69 sprites ready!  Also, Dee fixed Ezio’s winter sprites and Estelle’s autumn one. There are some redone expressions, too, as well also some new ones. I’d say that’s pretty cool, huh?
  • Speaking of cool things, (and maybe I should have started with that), I’m happy to announce we solved our problem with the BG artist – or lack thereof. Dee, being totally awesome as she is, rose to the occasion and did all of the BGs anew. (She used Nickel-Buckle’s technique, so they have a similar feel as the old ones.) She also tackled the list of BGs that needed to be done! Check out this post to see what the new backgrounds look like.


  • To put it concisely, it’s being worked on. There are still some hitches here and there, but we’re slowly catching up on coding everything I’ve written so far, and for the most part, it’s done!


  • We have been focusing on revising and fixing the existing script. It will surely undergo further changes, but that doesn’t keep us from polishing what we can when we can!

And I think this pretty much sums up what we’ve been up to this April. At least regarding E:TA, because what I did for the most part was study for my last days of high school and all the tests that entails. Speaking of, I’ve been meaning to address an important point that has been something of an underlying theme of this post: shout-out to Dee for being a great friend and working so hard even when I can’t. IOU. 😉

Also, thank you to everyone that’s been supporting  and following us, either here or on the other sites. Hope you like what you see!




New BGs!

22 Apr

Hello, everyone! As you may or may not know, our previous background artist, Nickel-Buckle-9, is not able to able work with us anymore. We’re very thankful for her help during all this time!

However, that means I, Dee, will be assuming BG making duties. We thought it best, since we’re eager to get this show on the road! Here I bring you some examples of what the new BGs for E:tA will look like:

telle dorm




coffee shop

hallway 2


main hall

What do you guys think?




Monthly Progress Report: Volume 1!

31 Mar

Hello, guys! How’s life treating you?

Here at Mushroom Samba, we’re working hard to complete E:TA and we’ve made significant progress. As a way to show you what’s cooking in our (figurative) kitchen, we decided to start writing monthly reports. But for that, you will first need some context!

So here we go: a brief summary of everything that we’ve accomplished so far.

1. Character sprites and expressions.
All main characters have complete expressions and their sprites are ready from summer up to winter. Most of the supporting characters have sprites and expressions ready.
We’re still debating whether to give them different outfits, but we’ll see.
Out of the estimated 87 sprites, 61 are ready.

2. Menus.
Save for minor nitpicks, the GUI is done. This includes: the save/load screen, the Main and Preferences menu, the textbox and the Are you sure? prompts.

3. BGs.
So far we have about half of the BGs we need (22 out of an estimate of 44+). Thanks, Nickel-Buckle-9, for your help! ❤

We’ll be deciding which and how many scenes we want to have CGs of after the completion of the game, so for now we can just say TBA.

The story is written up until the New Year’s Eve (with a few minor exceptions). In other words, the script has hit roughly the middle of the story, time-wise. Yay! Next on Ana’s to-do list is the point where it branches off into the separate characters’ paths. Regarding coding, it’s done up to almost the same point. We intend to code everything in before we move on to the next chunk of the story.

Music and sound effects:
Basically, lots. These are a little behind the expression/BGs coding, but we’ll keep working as we go!

And this is pretty much it! It doesn’t seem as impressive compiled into a list, but we’re pretty happy with our work so far. Stay tuned for Volume 2!



24 Feb

Mushroom Samba Productions is proud to present:


Elements: The Academy Demo V2.7,
The Still Saturday Somewhere? Version

We apologize for the slight delay and hope the demo will be worth the wait! Once again, it includes:
– revamped sprites!
– improved GUI!
– new content!

So, we’ll be honoured if you give it a go. Let us know what you think! (If you encounter any crashes, please include the traceback.) I hope you like what you see and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Once again, the download link (all versions).

Demo announcements!

15 Feb

Big announcement, everyone: as you all know, Ana and I have been hard at work for about two months, trying to wrap up the new demo. Turns out, we’re almost finished! That’s right, you can expect the new demo to be released on the 22th, next Saturday. It’s been one hell of a ride making this game, and we are very excited to show you some nifty new stuff!

Content update that will be in the demo includes:
– New save/load screen
– New and improved character art (as you are all aware of)
– Improved script and dialogue
– The Elements showing up more frequently
– Extended content!

Thank you for sticking with us during this whole time and for all the comments and critique you’ve given us! Without your input, this game wouldn’t be turning out the way it is.

Stay tuned!



We have a Twitter now!

13 Jan

If you’d like to follow us and see what we’re up to, feel free to do so right here!

In other news, I am taking full advantage of the fact that I am on vacation now to get my sprite-making groove on. Me and Ana are back to full game-making mode, and we expect to have a new demo out sometime during March, with the new sprites and maybe some extended content 😉

Expect to see some progress soon!



This is a post about stuff

12 Aug

Not just regular stuff, but the announcement kind. The good announcement kind.

I’ll cut to the chase:  As far as writing is concerned, The Academy is halfway done!  To get an idea of how long the finished game will be, so far it has 72k words and 43 menus (aka choices).

I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m actually hoping the worst part is (more or less) behind me. I’ve almost reached the branching point, and I’m really looking forward to writing the separate routes. I believe the characters have developed quite a bit already, and there are hints as to the problems the player will encounter on each of their paths, so I hope branching at this point will feel natural.

As for the separate paths, I know (more or less… :D) what is going to go down. So far we have 15 planned endings (including two crack ones), so I will have plenty to keep me occupied in the upcoming months.

At this point, I feel a bit bad for being such a slow poke, but on the other hand, we are doing our best to create the most awesome game we can!  That’s why we appreciate your support – be it critique, a good word or just a happy thought sent our way. 😀

What else can I say? Keep rooting for us (if you are; it’s never too late to start!) and I hope you look forward to our next update.



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